The motorcycle came before the automobile, and people have been trying to combine the two ever since. Engineers have long known that leaning a four-wheeled vehicle—to mirror the capabilities of a motorcycle—would provide greater speed and efficiency.

Most major auto and motorcycle manufactures have unsuccessfully attempted to lean three- or four-wheeled vehicle, and the results are stashed away in the back of their warehouses.

The Wesll Suspension has solved the complex problems of leaning technology by approaching the problem from the "unsprung" side (i.e., the wheel side) of the suspension. This approach not only solved problems thought to insurmountable, but also provided a system of extraordinary capability in the process....

The Wesll Quad is lighter, faster and safer than its two- and four-wheeled counterparts, both on and off road.

Wesll is about to destroy your preconceived notions of what a vehicle ought to be. Stay tuned for more information, videos, and photos as we continue to refine and promote this amazing advance in transportation technology.

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